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I'm so blessed to be able to do the things I love!

I have always felt a need to create things, whether candles, jewelry, drawings, paintings and other art, soap, the list is long and diverse, hence the Eclectic Arts moniker! I'm happy and honored to be one of the featured artists in the award winning, Number 1 Best-Selling Inspirational Adult Coloring Book, "Whatever Is Lovely: A Coloring Book For Reflection And Worship" by Waterbrook Press, a division of Penguin Random House Publishing. Find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target Stores and most major retailers. I have also just completed a huge project for Tyndale House Publishers, It will be available Spring 2017. I will update this page as information becomes available to me as to the final name of the book and exact release date. I am blessed indeed!   

Originally, our information below said it all. Today, things have evolved into an eclectic array of art, coloring pages, jewelry and who knows what else. We no longer offer quite the assortment of container candles, however, we DO still offer our Simple Faith Scripture Candles, votive and pillar candles. I hope you'll enjoy your visit!

We began our odyssey into serious candle making in 1997 as a fun yet productive hobby. Prior to that, I had made a few candles here and there over the years since 1975...my how things have changed!

After opening a small gift shop in Snowflake, Arizona that featured hand crafted and natural products, we encountered a common problem: acquiring great quality, highly scented, long burning candles for a fair price, and, equally important, was the need to have them shipped safely to our store for a reasonable price.

Failing to find what we were looking for prompted us to begin taking our candle making hobby a bit more seriously. I began intensive research into the art and science of making a high quality, safe candle. After practicing mixing scents, various waxes, and wicks to produce a candle I would be pleased with enough to burn in my own home, I finally reached a point where I was happy with the results. Many thanks go out to my very patient friends and family who tirelessly tested candles for me, you know who you are!

Several stores later, we continue to focus on maintaining the same high standards of quality when it comes to producing a strongly scented, long burning candle. We use uncut, phthalate-free, professional grade fragrance oils, high quality essential oils, premium waxes and wicks, and we still wick and pour each candle by hand to ensure a superior product.

Because various fragrance and essential oils perform differently depending on the container size and shape, the wax used, the size and type of wicks used, and even any coloring dyes, we test each fragrance variety in different wax, dye, container, and wick combinations to find the very best quality of candle. This method also enables us to examine the *burn* of each type of candle we sell. Our testing reinforces the confidence we place in our candles to burn evenly, cleanly, and safely when following proper burn instructions.

Our current inventory includes over 225 active scents and several sizes and styles of containers. We offer candles in specialty containers for holidays, seasonal scents, large and small apothecary jars with glass dome or rusty handled lids, rustic country canning jar candles, natural soy, beeswax, and palm wax candles, votive candles, pillar candles, and scented wax melts in various styles as well.

Although our primary products are candles, we also carry our own line of old fashioned, cold process Goats' Milk soaps, Herbal Sachets, jewelry, crochet, occasional vintage pieces and even a little bit of hand crafted, rustic and country folk art made in the USA!